Edna Savage 21-04-1936 to 31-12-2000

Concerts, Broadcasts


I would like to publish a complete illustrated list of all Edna's concerts, broadcasts etc. All contributions of material welcome. Great care will be taken of original material which will be scanned to computer files for safe storage and promptly returned. E-mail attachments reduced to less than 1Mb as JPEG images even more welcome! What I have is below.

 1952-4 'Residencies' on a part time basis with Jimmy White Band and Eric Pepperell (1927-2011) Orch

  Nov 19th - 23rd 1956 Top of the Bill at the Empress Music Hall Brixton London. Twice nightly as was the custom. I saw the show Mon and Sat 2nd house. There was a crowd of, wait for it! ONE (me)  waiting outside the stage door to offer congratulations.

Voiceover for Dorothy Bromiley in the film 'It's Great to be Young' 

  Drew Blackburn mentions Sunday concerts with Al Martino and Jimmy Young and in addition to the bands featured below 

December 4th 1955 at The Davis Theatre Croydon (now superceded by the Fairfield Hall). Venue for a lot of big name bands. Ken Mackintosh ran one of the most popular dance bands of the era. Stan Kenton also appeared here on his European tour. Intimidating venue for the artists but great for the audience.

March 18 1956, Guildford Odeon (The town's main cinema, which doubled as a concert venue)

The Kirchin Band were moving towards the 'Rock' era. The crowd came for the music, a lone wait at the stage door again.

June 9th 1956 Theatre Royal Portsmouth 

1956 Palace Blackpool for a Summer season 

Eurovision Song Contest, UK qualifying heat. 

 Nov 11th 1957 and June 23rd 1958. Two weeks in music hall at the Finsbury Park Empire (North London) each time about a 20 min slot, 2nd on the bill to 1st Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys and 2nd to Terry Dene. They were married later the same year.

  Christmas 1957 pantomime at The ABC Stockton on Tees for a short season as Cinderella, playing opposite Lorrae Desmond as Prince Charming. Both showed they were also more than adequate actresses. I travelled up from London by train for the first house on the 27th.

This show then went on tour including The Rialto York  (programme recently sold on e-bay)

 The following year she appeared in Babes in the Wood with Laurie London at the Sheffield Empire, which closed the following May.                

  I don't know how far you all travel to a show, but I still go a long way for something I want to hear or see. These days I drive and there's usually 2 or 3 of us. We're into 60s /70s R&B. My wife recently went to Broadway, New York. 3,000 miles. Made a holiday of the trip.

  There were two tours, entertaining the troops in true Vera Lynn fashion in Cyprus, the first in 1957, the last in 1960 or 61. I can't remember which but I had to miss out as I was on duty! The 1957 trip included Aqaba (on the Red Sea Egypt or Jordan now) Ref: Annals of the 10th Hussars.

 Two Radio and TV series spring to mind, Oct 1956 a 15 min series on BBC TV 'Presenting Edna Savage' (this led to being top of the bill at Brixton) and 'Sentimental Journey' with Michael Holliday also on BBC.

!0 Feb 1958 (week) Peterborough Embassy 

30 June 1958 Leeds Empire (with Terry Dene)

1958 (uncertain dates) Blackpool again, standing in for Alma Cogan who was indisposed for a few days (from Alma's biography)

1 Sept 1958 Bristol Hippodrome (with Terry Dene) 

 Aug 5th 1959 with Frankie Vaughn and Murray Campbell (trumpeter) Guildhall Portsmouth.

1960 Jan 11 for 1 week Odeon Southend "Cinderalla " (again)

no date Chatham Empire 

1960 24th March, Bradford

Lance Fortune, Wee Willie Harris, Mike Preston, Edna Savage


 Most, if not all of these venues are since closed or redeveloped. Sadly, I witnessed the demise of the music hall era. 

Since learning of Edna's death, I mentioned this to Val Doonican at one of his concerts (yes! he was still working at 76, now in his 80s he has at last retired). Comment: lovely lady, I shared a stage with her a few times.


Images of various programmes, playbills etc are listed among photos which will fill a few gaps in this list.