Photos from author's collection Photos from author's collection Four Postcards Bottom right .This toy panda was one of many that Edna received as a result of a press photo regarding a spell on sick leave. Most of them were donated to Great Ormond St Hospital for Sick Children. I still treasure the one she gave to me. The others are Parlophone publicity issue 127895136 Another with panda 127895135 sick benefit, extra publicity 127895142 The birthday girl 21 today! 127895137 White satin shoes weren't cheap either and had to be expendable 127895138 On with the lippy The stage face completes preparation for the evening's work. 127895139 Cinderella's Ball Gown A wardrobe of expensive stage dresses is just one of the outgoings of the job. This puts our modern girl singers in the shade. The dress shown is Cinderella's ball gown, whether her own or the theatre company's property I don't know but all stage dresses were as glamorous. 127895141 That dress again 127895140 The ill fated wedding to Terry Dene Taken at the reception at Edna's flat in London (Record Mirror) 127895143 Cinders As Cinderella, Stockton-on-Tees(Associated Newspapers) 127895144 Stockton on Tees 127895145 Programme form Stockton on Tees London to Stockton on Tees is a long way to travel for a panto. Daft or obsessed? I just happen to appreciate the modern versions of Ancient Greek drama (and the originals) 127987576 ABC Globe Stockton on Tees 1957 I did have a sort of date with the leading lady between houses. 147394620 Finsbury Park Empire 127987575 Finsbury Park Empire Guess who else was on the bill, first husband to be Terry Dene 127988006 Brixton Bottom of the bill (just before the interval) to top of the bill same week. I was the only one who bothered to go backstage to congratulate. Hence my photos taken indoors. 127895148 pictures from Brixton and Guildford Author's own photos 127895147 Guildford The Odeon was used as a concert venue and cinema 127895350 This is was what I was trying to record at Guildford. a favourite stage dress. (Picture Post - Thurston Hopkins) 127895349 Off to the day job Posed outside her parents home in Latchford, Warrington. My personal favourite photo of Edna 127895351 Bradford Yes she was on the bill 127986527 Davis Croydon Huge venue very intimidating even for the likes of the Stan Kenton Orchestra. Now replaced by the Fairfield Halls (just as intimidating!) 127987577 Davis playbill 127988007 Davis programme 127988008 Record Mirror Cover photo Not sure where the original is but i know of another copy. not in my collection of memories. 147394619 TV Mirror Cover girl (not page3 girl!) (Rogan House) 127986528 Bristol Hippodrome 1958 tour 152769096 Leeds Empire 1958 tour 152769097 sheet music cover 1950s found on ebay 164882418 Southend Odeon 1960 Found on ebay 164882419 1950s another from ebay 164882420 Mike Holliday and Edna Publicity photo, Agency was on ebay 164882421 1950s sheet music on Ebay 164882422